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About Batist

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Batist Van Baekel is a circus artist and maker from Belgium. He started his circus adventure at the age of seven, joining the youth circus Circolito (Mechelen) after getting bit by the circus microbe during a project at his middle school. In 2018 he started his studies at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, where he worked to reach the desire of sharing the warmth and magic circus had offered him with an audience. During his studies he specialized in juggling and object manipulation. Influenced by dance, acrobatics and physical theater, he explores the connectivity between the objects and the body.

Batist van Baekel’s artistic passion is driven by his love for the circus tent and a fresh wind of physical and contemporary work. Honoring the classical circus by showing its beautiful components in a refreshing and physical jacket.

In 2022 he graduated from Codarts with his solo juggling act, Les couleurs de la forêt


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