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Jam.Shenanigans is a high-spirited duo consisting of Batist Van Baekel (2000, BE) and Henri Kangas (1998, FIN). Henri and Batist met during their studies at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where they graduated in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

During their studies, Henri and Batist started to collaborate together and quickly found out that they share similar interests in object manipulation. They formed a duo called "Jam.Shenanigans" with the idea of exploring playful manipulation with juggling materials as well as everyday objects. By exploring their abundant energy and goofiness they have combined their love for creativity, movement, imagination, and playfulness into a shared language


Shenanigans is a contemporary circus performance about the role of playfulness, creativity, and imagination in a society in which everything revolves around screens. By manipulating and creating visual illusions with toys such as baby dolls, toy cars, and ball pits, the two performers aim to shine light onto the value of the inner child.

With ideas limited only by fantasy and the predispositions we set on ourselves, Shenanigans aims to spark their audiences' inner children back to life and show that being playful and imaginative are not only tools for children.


Duration : 50 - 60 minutes

Language : Non verbal

Age : +8

Venue : Indoor 

Creation kick off : September 2022

Premiere : Autumn 2023


Artists & Autors : Henri Kangas & Batist Van Baekel

Outside eye : Sander De Cuyper & Michael Zandl

Support by :

 -TENT, House for Contemporary Circus Arts 

- PERPLX, Circus Werkplaats

- CIRKLABO, Circus Werkplaats

- Korzo Theater

- MAD Festival

- ITU - Lasten ja nuortern kulttuurikeskus 

- Circusstad-Festival 


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