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Les couleurs de la forêt is an abstract circus act portraying the balance between the form laid upon one by their surroundings and the personal desire to break them in search for joy in deconstruction. During the performance, we meet a young personage who shares his joy through club juggling and his physicality. In contrast to the form rising in his life, he brings us back to the youthful adventures in the forest and a fictional world inside of his mind.

In a discipline that consists of patterns, numbers and forms, Batist Van Baekel searches for lightness and fluidity. Combining juggling with movement, he aims to place the visuals in the foreground and shine light on the body and its language. Batist takes the audience along through a poetic pas de deux which explores the connectivity between the body and the objects. A story about searching for freedom in between the lines and boxes told through the emotional sensations provoked by a physical dialogue.


Duration : 8 minutes

Language : Non verbal

Age : All ages

Venue : Indoor and outdoor


Performance and Concept: Batist Van Baekel

Choreographic advice:  Morgan Cosquer

Music: Colin Stetson

Clubs design : Kurt Van Baekel

Support : Codarts University of the Arts



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